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Your Options for Gold Bullion Investments

When people think about gold bullion, they often think about expensive gold bars. While this is indeed an example of gold bullion, it isn’t the only one. The fact is that when it comes to gold bullion good investment opportunities abound. However, with the cost of a kilo bar of gold averaging around $38,000, this isn’t the type of investment everyone can make. That’s why an investor with limited assets needs to be more creative.

The fact is that while bullion is a great investment, there are other ways to invest in gold. Jewelry is an excellent investment, as are collectible gold coins and legal tender gold coins. However, if a person has their heart set on gold bullion, there are other options rather than laying out close to $40K for a kilo of pure gold.

There are many gold providers that offer gold bullion in smaller sizes. For example, many providers offer 1 gram gold bars. These bars are .999 purity and at current gold prices run around $47 to $48 per bar. In addition, if an investor were to purchase 10 or more gram bars at the same time, the price per unit is often discounted.

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However, price aside, the real questions many people are asking is does investing in gold make sense and is it the right investment to be making. Precious metals like gold certainly have value and high value items are always good to possess.

In addition, precious metals like gold and silver have been taken a bit of a beating in terms of daily prices. Now, if that trend was expected to continue, then buying at today’s prices might not be the savviest of moves. In these instances, waiting would be advisable. However, many experts agree that precious metals, especially gold, are ready for a rebound. That rebound could make current prices for gold seem like bargain basement prices in just a few short months.

You may be asking yourself, should I invest in gold. The answer is a resounding yes. In addition, if you can’t see investing in anything other than gold bullion, but you don’t have loads of cash lying around, there are affordable options.